Our Philosophy

Running for us is more than a sport; it’s a way of life. It’s a soulful, fulfilling passion that is difficult, dramatic yet ultimately satisfying.

And yet, while running should enhance our health and lifestyle, much of the potential benefit of running is lost to horribly comprised posture, over-specialization and poor training decisions – sacrifices often made in the name of performance.

We aren’t anti-racing or against pursuing faster running, but we are for broadly developing movement competence, self awareness and posture just as much as we work for those elusive personal best times and distances.

With us, running also has value in its own right, separate from racing and participating in events. It’s our hobby, practice and passion, and though we encourage participation in events to challenge and test you, we also show people that running in and of itself a worthy past-time.

Our Coaching Methodology

Our approach is modern but not wild. We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. Running has been around for a long time before us! So don’t expect crazy form cues or hard line foot strike commands. Still, we’re far advanced from the very outdated philosophy of ‘just run’, which rarely builds a robust, adaptable well balanced human body.

This is because specialisation, while making us strong in one direction, breeds weakness everywhere else. We also have a very open, lifestyle based mindset when it comes to dishing out advice.

On form and technique; our focus is strongly postural, steadily working on the ability to recognise, feel, integrate and maintain solid postural positioning, which can translate to a more resilient and sustainable running style. We encourage practice and play to help runners develop their technique.

On training and progression; we follow simple, common sense principles for patient, cautious progress, and with our services aim to fill the gaps in runners’ training with interval training, running on varied terrains, strength, stretching and mobility.

Our Sessions in Practice

Our Coaches work over time to develop form and function, aiming to make small changes patiently to avoid the sorts of sudden shifts in running movement that tend to cause injury.

Sessions are up to an hour long, and always include both a workout and technique instruction. Our runners are benchmarked regularly and we provide constant feedback on our runners form and progress.

Functional Running Coached Groups are outdoors, with semi-regular meet points that change throughout the year to allow us to run different types of training sessions.