At Functional Running we take running seriously, but not too seriously. The mission is to make running Coaching accessible to recreational, beginner and performance runners. We bring a modern approach to running Coaching that factors in lifestyles, busy schedules and the need for broad physical development.

Developing effective postural control and postural endurance are emphasised as much as steady, cyclical, intelligent training progression.

Our Coaching approach is social and friendly, with all sessions Coached and monitored. Believing in the importance of broad development, we purposefully include movement variety, not just across running sessions, but in complimentary training methods, such as functional strength and mobility.

The Functional Running coaching team prioritises safety and enjoyment; cultivates supportive, inclusive environments; and strives to create steady, sustainable gait changes in individuals that don’t lead you down the injury pathway.

We offer a variety of running groups and specialist services, including a very strong women’s running program and a dedicated, established mixed group program.


Mixed Group Coaching

Coach led group running sessions with mixed fitness and abilities. Form, technique and fitness coaching in a group setting.

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Women’s Running Group

Term based Coached women’s running groups. Join for the coaching, the company, accountability, safety and confidence.

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Trail Running Inspired Holidays in New Zealand. Proudly operated by the same folks here at Functional Running. Click the button to head to the RunAways website for more details.

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